Brother Paul Estabrooks, a Canadian author born in New Brunswick, shares an amazing high-risk Adventure smuggling in 1 million Bibles using boats, oceans and under the darkness of night.

Plus other stories that challenge us all to take risks for the greater good, even when governments say no! 

He has been working in Asia missions and Open Doors long enough to be able to share with us his advice though adventure.

Rev Paul retired after 38 years of ministry with Open Doors as the founder director at OD and then with ODI 

Currently, he is serving as Board Chair at Hope Outreach of Canada.

He is also a well known speaker, story teller and writer in the subject of “persecuted Christians”, where “Project Pearl – Night of a Million Miracles” is one of his most distinguished writing.

Check out these amazing organizations Brother Paul is a part of:

Hope Outreach Of Canada;

Open Doors International;

FEBC Radio;

Brad Murray

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