Sandra Hubert a Canadian, a school teacher, a mother and wife tells us the amazing stories of girls who’ve experienced abuse and heartache, needing a new family and home so they can find healing, freedom and amazing joy with a family who really cares and loves them. 

They’re not changing the lives of Millions? 

They’re changing the lives of Generations!

Sandra Hubert

Serving in Mexico 

El Refugio Foundation

Email: elrefugioinm√©[email protected]

Facebook: Sandra Huebert is also part of Commission to Every Nation:

Brad Murray

Welcome to Brad Murray Talking Missions Podcast, In each episode, Pastor and Missions Advocate Brad Murray, interview missionaries from around the world. Our guests are common people, like you and me. People who are changing the world around them and are living out their mission and fulfilling their purpose. They show us a different perceptive of life and how to inspire others along the way. We hope that these captivating stories will inspire, encourage and empower you to "Be on missions Live on purpose"

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