About Us

Brad Murray is Host at Talking Missions YouTube Channel. With a background as a part-time missionary for over 25 years. Brad Murray is a speaker with a demonstrated history of working in the Missions national and international. Skilled in leadership development, teaching, preaching, pastoral care, counseling, and community outreach. He also has a Bachelor’s Degree in Theology.

Currently, Brad Murray is serving as a Co-Pastor at Elevate Church Edmonton since 2015. Brad is husband and father of 2 boys.

Mission Statement

Be on mission Live on purpose. We are not calling you into missions, we are calling you to be on missions. If you feel that your are created for a bigger purpose, we agree. We believe we have all been designed and created with specific calling and purpose in our lives. Our mission is to discover what we were designed for and how best to fulfill the purposes God has for us. Living a life of meaning is not easy, but it is the Fulfillment we are looking for. 

Our Dream

Imagine a life set free where neither death nor fear will dissuade a person from their true destiny their calling and their purpose. Imagine this life, God centered, heart focused, mind obedient and a soul craving Spiritual life. 

Our Goal

Our goal is to provide a variety of opportunities for our viewers: To motivate our viewers to action. To inspire, to encourage, to educate. To count the cost, of what it is to live a life where death is not feared To challenge the status quo and average dreams To promote mission organizations and ministry potential. To encourage and promote the individual interviewed.